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Counselling for addiction

Counselling for addiction

counselling for addiction

Counselling for addiction (Disclaimer: The Picture above is a Library Picture as all our centres are different inside)

Counselling for addiction is NOT your first step

If you have an addiction to alcohol, then counselling is not your first step to you need. It is the very last step, if needed at all. Why do I say this. I am a counsellor, and the way to stop drinking, if excessive, is to have an alcohol detox. It would be lovely if you could go and see a counsellor once or twice a week, for an hour, and all of a sudden your addiction had stopped. Realistically we all know that this never going to happen. We do have counsellors in our rehab centres. Albeit they work along side a tailored medical detox.

Counsellors uses

Counselling does have its uses. It is great if you just need to find out why you are drinking. Find your underlying issues etc. It is basically a way for you to come out with all the things which are bothering you. A counsellor should never have you as a client for more than 12 weeks. If they do, then something is not right. Call me if you would like some help in this matter. Tel: 07811 606 606

What does a counsellor do

In short, a counsellor is there to listen. They are there to help you understand why you are feeling like you do. Counselling can be good after you have had an alcohol detox or you have finished your term in a rehab centre. But be careful. Anyone can call themselves a counsellor these days by law, with not training whatsoever ever. Do your research on who you use to counsel you. When looking, for a counsellor, you are only want to be looking for an addiction/alcohol counsellor. You will get your initial 30 mins with any counsellor, at no cost to you. The idea of this is, to see wether you get on with the counsellor, and they get on with you. Furthermore you both need to know if you gel.

Do I need a counsellor 

To be fair, in most cases, no. If the rehab centre has done their job right, then you will be fine. On the other hand, if in a few months you find yourself struggling, then contact your rehab centre, or if you do not want to talk to them. Contact me on Tel: 07811 606 606. There is no charge if you call me.

Counselling for a addiction. Does it work 

In a lot of cases, yes. But it is not a way to stop drinking. It is purely a way to find out why you do, what you do. It teaches you more about yourself etc. To stop drinking safely, you will need a medical detox.

If you have not got an addiction to alcohol, but feel you need some help with your mild drinking, Then in this case a counsellor is a good place too start. Mild drinkers do not need a medical detox. (Mild drinking = 2 glasses of wine a week, or less) Call me for more information on 07811 606 606

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