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Do I need help

Do I need help

do I need help to stop drinking alcohol

The scale of alcoholism 

Do I need help? I get asked this question a lot. The simple answer is yes, if you are reading this page. Or the person you are reading it for needs help.

If you feel you need to research alcoholism, then there must be an issue with yourself or a loved one. Lets look at where you are on the scale of addiction.

  1. Firstly you may just drink twice a week. Maybe just a glass of wine. In this case you do  not have a problem. This is how a lot of people drink during the week.
  2. Secondly you may drink just one glass of wine everyday. It has become a habit. You are now marginally entering the scale of alcoholism. This is where you need to cut back to maybe one glass of wine every other day. This is not a good place to be. You are heading for a problem with alcohol. But you do have a chance of sorting it out yourself at this stage.
  3. Thirdly you may drink two or more glasses of wine a day. You now have a problem with your drinking habits. You need to seek help.
  4. Then you may drink half a bottle of vodka a day. You need to call us asap on 07811 606 606
  5. If you are drinking more than a half bottle of Vodka a day, we can help you. Call us now.

What support can I get

We have lots to offer you, to help you understand your addiction. We can find out what is causing you to drink the amounts you do. You may just need to chat to understand why you are drinking. You may need to go a bit further and get so help. Either way, you are dong the right thing by call us.

What causes an alcohol addiction 

A lot of the time alcohol addiction can be caused by loneliness, isolation, heartache, bereavement, trauma, upset, violence (domestic or otherwise) etc. I can help you through this. Furthermore I know where to get the best treatment, or we can work through this together. I am also a trained counsellor, and have been helping clients for over 13 years.

Do I need help

If you are still not sure after reading all the above. It is not a problem. Call me on 07811 606 606 and let us have a chat about where you are, and how much you are drinking. Believe it or not. Alcoholism is an easy fix in most cases, providing the client wishes to stop drinking.

Do I need help for a loved one

If you are reading all this for a loved one who may have a drinking problem, then call me now. If your loved one is asking for help, do not waste anytime. As if you leave it, denial can kick in. Then all of a sudden your loved ones whole attitude will change. They will claim they do not need help, and they can deal with it on their own. They can’t! You will find they have just changed their mind about getting help.

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