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What is rehab

What is rehab

what is rehab

What is rehab

What is rehab? Rehab or Rehabilitation (same thing) in our industry for alcohol addiction this is the psychological part of treatment for addiction. Also you will have a detox which is the medical part. The normal things involved in rehab or rehabilitation is:

  1. Finding the underlying issues which are causing your addiction
  2. Getting you through the psychological  aspects of addiction
  3. restoring your natural sleep pattern
  4. restoring you natural appetite
  5. setting you up with coping mechanisms

This is normally done by the addiction counsellors in the rehab centres.

Rehab centre

A rehab centre is where you would go to detox from alcohol. It is also where your rehabilitation is done. There are 3 different types of rehab centres.

  1. Fully residential   (Recommended)
  2. Quasi residential  (More affordable than fully residential)
  3. Detox only centres  (Not recommended)

The fully residential centres are more expensive, as they tend to have much higher costs with 24 hours nursing, your own chef, your own room etc. But they are by far the best way to detox from alcohol. I say this because they cook all the correct nutrition for your recovery almost other things.

You will stay at the centre 24 hours a day, apart from activities. Also there are things like country walks. gym, swimming etc. furthermore you will also feel safer there, as it is all under one roof. Also they a very similar to an all inclusive holiday where you stay on site.


Your rehabilitation can very depending on several factors. Furthermore here are just a few.

  1. how long have you been addicted to alcohol
  2. how ill you are
  3. what you drink
  4. how offer you drink
  5. how old you are

There are other factors, but these tend to be the main ones. If you would like more details or just help and advice. Then call me on Tel: 07811 606 606 and I will be happy to help you. Furthermore you can also book your treatment here with us.

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