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Binge drinking

Binge drinking

binge drinking

Binge drinking

Binge drinking in layman terms, is a term given to someone who drinks occasionally, but when they do, they go on a 3 day bender. Or it can also mean just a nights drinking, but again when they do a nights drinking, they hit it really hard, after which they do not drink again for a week or two. And then they hit it hard again. This is know as binge drinking. So too summarise, binge drinking is where a person will drink a large amount of alcohol is a short amount to time. This happens in one night out. Then they will leave drinking for a while.

Can it be treated

Yes it can. Furthermore it tends to be psychological, with underlying issues which are causing this to happen. Furthermore it may stem from trauma in earlier life. Either way it is very treatable. We deal with lots of cases of binge drinking. I am happy to chat with you about your options. Tel: 07811 606 606

Binge drinking – The effects

The effects can be dangerous, as it is not something the person does on a regular basis. Hence every time a person binge drinks, it is shocking their body. Their hangovers will be much worse. Also they will feel dreadful the morning after. On the other hand. They will not have cravings like you would find with an alcoholic. Like anything in life. Do it in moderation.

Why do people binge drink

It is a form of self harm. There will be some underlying issue they are trying to put out of their mind. In treatment the rehab centre will always look for the underlying issues, to solve the problem. If you feel you may have a problem with your alcohol intake. Call me for a chat on Tel: 07811 606 606.


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