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Stop drinking options

Stop drinking options

stop drinking options

Your options

Here are your stop drinking options. You have two types for options. The ones you don’t pay for, and the ones you do. Let us look at both.

Stop drinking options you have to pay for

  • Alcohol home detox (Highly Recommended)  Call 0845 3881 543 for free help and advice
  • Residential Alcohol Rehab (Highly Recommended) Call 0845 3881 543 for free help and advice
  • Counselling (not recommended)

Stop drinking options you “don’t” have to pay for

  • Try doing it yourself (100% NOT Recommended)
  • Your local community drug and alcohol team (fairly unless by all accounts, but better than no option)
  • your doctor (He/she will just add your alcohol addiction to your medical records)

If your skin is yellow, or you are having fits and seizures, then you need to speak to “111” immediately:  Telephone 111

Contact me

If you would like details on the most affordable residential rehab centres. Or the most supported home detox programs, contact me today. Furthermore I will be happy to go through all the stop drinking options available to you.

You can also try Free Rehab and Free Detox

Lets look at the available options

Here is a brief insight into the stop drinking options available, and why I have added my opinions.

1/ Alcohol home detox

Highly successful. Furthermore this is a tailored medical detox from alcohol at home. The best company to use is Cetox Healthcare, as they offer the most supported home detox in the UK. There are full details of Cetox Healthcare on his website for you to look at.

2/ Residential rehab

Residential rehab centres. This is a mine field if you don’t know what you are doing, or looking for. Alternately call me on 07811 606 606. But in brief, you have three types of rehab centres. One which is just a detox with no rehab, which is crazy! Nevertheless you may as well have the rehabilitation as well, as it won’t cost you anymore, if you know where to look.

The second type of rehab centre is what is know as quasi residential. This is where you live outside the rehab centre at night, and come into the centre in the day. Again you really need to call me if you need help finding the right one.

In addition to the above, the third option is fully a residential rehab centre. These are the most expensive centres, as they provide so much more. You also live on site. They tend to be much nicer building to stay at, as they are bigger with great grounds etc. Full details of all of these are in this website.

3/ Counselling

Whereas I am a trained counsellor, and to give up drinking by counselling is not the answer. So why do I say this? Simple, to give up drinking, you need a tailored medical detox, not 2 or 3 sessions a week for an hour with a counsellor. It would be lovely if you could just phone a counsellor 2 or 3 times a week and give up drinking for good. Clearly this is not realistic, and it won’t work. Hence in this country we have rehabilitation centres, detox centres etc.

4/ trying doing it yourself

This is the most dangerous option. Why do I say this? Importantly, because you can die trying to give up alcohol yourself, without professional help. This is because you can put your body into shock. Giving up alcohol needs very carefully managing. Never just stop drinking. It can kill you!

5/ local community drug and alcohol team

I have been in the drug and alcohol addiction industry for 13 years and have helped 1000’s of people on a yearly basis. So about your local community drug and alcohol teams.Most local community drug and alcohol team gets their budgets in April. It is normally used up within no time. To put it into basics. They have enough money to fund 4 in 100 clients who come through their door. There is a minimum of 9 months before you are considered. That’s for drugs and alcohol addiction. So without doubt your chances of getting a detox is 4% which is extremely low.

6/ Your doctor

I went to my doctor years ago for an alcohol addiction to be told “cut down on my smoking, and see how I am in 6 months time”. It was then all put on my medical records, and took years to get it off. In addition to this, through working with clients over the years. What I am finding is doctors now, doctors are just giving clients with drinking problems, anti depressants, and diagnosing them as bipolar and depression. Again, all this is all added to your medical records. Also Anti depressants do not work if you drink alcohol. Clearly the help is not as you would expect. Nevertheless less, do try your doctor if you feel it is your best option.

Following all the above. If you have an addiction to alcohol, or alternately just need someone to talk.  Without doubt call me. Tel: 07811 606 606

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